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About us

MedPlus1 is a Clinical trial support organization (SMO/ CRO) founded in Vietnam by SRD Group, Japan on March 9, 2015 .

Utilizing 29 years of Know-how in supporting Clinical Trials (CT) in Japan in order to contribute to improve the quality of CT in Vietnam .

Through supporting Clinical Trials, MedPlus1 satisfies the needs and demands in Vietnam of pharmaceutical and medical device companies by corresponding the rapid shifting environment of Clinical Trials to Asia


From 1st May, 2018, MedPlus1 can supply to you Medical Tourism in Japan through SRD group, including: Medical Check with sightseeing and Medical Treatment in Japan

MedPlus1 can recommend you one of most modern hospital in Tokyo and arrange your VISA

    Support of Research and Development

    MedPlus1 contributes to the preservation and enhancement of Health through the support in research and development of Health-related business


    "CRCs’ quality is reputation and assets of our company "

    MedPlus1 people are encouraged to act along with the following 6 precepts

    Passionate Spirit              Thankful Spirit

     Volunteer Spirit              Fighting Spirit

          Honesty              Curiosity 


    Company tour Medplus1 to Da Nang - Hoi An 2022 : Never Give Up - Together For Tomorrow

    Meaningful experience of Medplus1 members in the journey to Da Nang Hoi An 2022 : Never give up - Together for tomorrow


    Recruitment of Clinical Research Coordinator - December 2019

    MedPlus1 with the support of its parent company held training tour in Tokyo, Japan for CRCs

    On the end of March 2019, this is the second time company held the tour for excellent CRCs who have contributed to MedPlus1 Co., Ltd for the last few years.


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